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    • MiddleMan
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      (And sorry for my bad english :) )

      So today i desided to seriosly start playing poker, and to work on my BR.
      I started with PS 50$ few weeks ago, and deposited another 15Ls(30$) of my own money. Got my BR up to 95$, then fell down to 50$. Then deposited another 15Ls. And playded SNG, NL, FL. And yesturday i was allmost broke, with 5$ :tongue:
      I knew i will get 10$ back form 35$ rake, but.. i was broke :)
      Today i am with 35$, after 1400 hands playing 0.10/0.20$ FL. So... +20$ after 1400 hand. I think its not bad.

      My next goals: Get BR up to 100$ by the end of the week. And then start playing 0.25/0.50$ FL. Dont think i will have mutch problems playing at 0.25/0.50$ FL, as i have played it before, and i was doing good.

      And one thing to consider: When and should I move to NL. I have been just loosing money in NL, but in FL I am doing quite good(at least i think so). Maybe I am not made to play NL, and should concentrate on FL?
      Maybe some experts could give coment about this.

      Thank You all for reading, and i will post latest results in a few days.
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    • anstaendig
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      You should decide which type you wanna play and concentrate on this type. I see no sense in playing SnG's, FL and NL when you start playing poker. As I said choose one type of game, read the articles, post hands, watch videos and become a winning player.
    • Zeffke
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      Welcome MiddleMan,
      I hope you enjoy your stay at Pokerstrategy. However I agree with anstaendig. You better focus on one aspect of poker for now and try to make that your standard game. And don't set yourself goals about reaching a specified bankroll for the end of the week, it's better to set goals of "reading so many articles, watching those video's or visit so many coachings"... You'll become a better player and your bankroll will increase as well. Good luck!
    • MiddleMan
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      Thank You both, for advice. :)

      In a few days i hope to post some results. :)