I'd like to suggest to implement a trainer tool for hand ranges where the user would have to select all the required hands from a blank card matrix.

For example if we would want to practice 3-betting ranges vs. ORC in Fixed Limit, Equilab would give us a random situation where we need pick all the hands from a blank card matrix with which we would 3-bet a raise and than Equilab would evaluate it for us right after, or after our traning session.

I believe this could help new players to learn ranges better, whatever they play and this could even benefit experienced players too, if - for example Equilab would only gave us VPIP and PFR to work with, or Equilab would generate us random flop/turn/river and let us guess the specific ranges (maybe even peel, fold, bluff, etc ranges).

Also, it would be awesome if in the already existing Equity Trainer we could chose to guess equities of specific random hands vs hands (without flop) like AcKc vs 8c3h - 68.8 - 31.2%. If someone start feeling bad that his/her AK's got beaten by worse hands we could just tell them to go play with Equilab to see that none of those cards are bulletproof. =)