I'm only allowed to play for prizes because I'm A US citzen.

    • Richmouse
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      :heart: I can only play for fun at party poker and poker stars where I am registered at because I live in the USA. But my question is I found a site called pureplaypoker.com where I play for poker points. And I have placed using your Poker Stratey beginners knowledge and I thank you guys for that I like playing Texas Hold em tournaments.

      Here is the question in these tournament I can win a instant 10 or 20 dollars but I have to win 1st place and I've never done this yet the closest I get is 14th place.

      I really need a way to become a bronze member without being able to accept the ps150 bonus as my government don't allow this as I've tried to claim it time and time again.

      Could you please find some way to help me win these tournaments I can play in please as there fun and I've been reading and re reading every thing I am allow to in this poker site here and the articles have helped me survive long and long in the tournaments I really want to get better and win please help to be allow to access the other articles somehow. Thanks richmouse.
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