Hi, I would like to know how to play hands like Pocket Pairs lower than 7's in EP to MP1&2? Should you really be folding those hands eventhough you'd only be flopping the set 12% of the time? limping in is wishful thinking ur not gona get raisd behind, so that's out of the equation, open raising might work but Stations will call you down and run you down, BSS states a Call20, playing SSS makes this rather difficult since most of time you'll have to SHIP, and most of the time the late aggressor would have u beat already. Then hands like Q10s, QJs, QKs, 10Js, 10Ks, KJs, AJs... etc. These are hands you wana see flops with, but according to SSS starting hands chart you have to fold these hands in EP to MP1&2, same with the above mentioned. How do you play these hands? And is it really optimal to fold it, limping is out of the equation since SSS only open raises and C-bets and Ships. It just feels like SSS is for Nits and Rocks, then again folding 49/50 hands and hitting Rockets everyone sees your playing a hand and then you can't extract any value from the table as well. But I guess not having such a large Bankroll forces you to use this strategy.

Please post any feedback regarding this thread coaches would be prefered.