Hello there guys,

This blog is an introduction to myself, and I was really happy that I'm into this kind of poker forum, I'm JN from Asia, there are many countries from asia but specifically from RP. I used to play poker when I was in college and maximize my skills when I learned that Party Poker is good enough to play here in our country.

I'm a 24 y/o guy who loves to know more poker players around asia and in the whole world. I also love playing poker with my college friends and meet new friends if they're able to play with me some poker games. I don't go to casino but I believe that poker will be a skilled game that can increase my logical thinking skills in terms of betting.

I joined in this forum because one of my friends from australis told me that you can get some capital in this forum since I'm a good player but not professional or expert, one thing also I was in this forum is to try helping others and learn from the other lads their experiences in tactics in playing poker. I know there are some sort of secrets they are hiding in order to win in a tournament. I haven't been in a tournament, even in a live event, because it's very rare in our country who plays poker, but I think this must be included in the field of entertainment. We have some sort of game cards we play in our country but we also do love to extend my knowledge in poker through word of mouth lessons. I've reading more in this forum but this time, since I passed the quiz, I'd rather like to be part of this community.

I hope that I can collect some friends here and become my poker pals. you can send me private message if you are interested to be my pal. Thanks and Goodluck to everyone of us in pursuing the exploration in the world of poker.