when to move up a limit

    • cannell555
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      Hey guys!
      I have only been on pokerstrategy for a few weeks. I got the starting capital, and decided I was going to try playing SnG's for the first time(always been a cash game player, showing no profit, but beating the rake atleast). I quickly relized I was loosing alot of money playing SnG's and quit. But since reading your articles I have gone back to playing cash games on another account, and wow!!

      The articles are working a treat, over the last few days I am hitting roughly 25 bb/100, over a period of 7000 hands. This I have never had before. I am only playing .05 - .10 on four tables. I really am shocked. I am playing fairly good poker, without any complications of having to think to hard (now its a more simpler game I have been playing). Thankyou to you guys here for the info!!

      Down to my question - If I have a large enough bank roll to move up a limit, how many hands would you recommed that I play on my current limit, before I move up?

      Once again Thankyou for everything!

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    • gemgem69
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      they normally advise 10k dont they? I duno I used to play cash, for about 2hours lol, prolly didnt give it a chance, and thats what I remember. Sngs is defenetly where its happening cash seems so boring.
    • anstaendig
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      I think 10.000 hands are a solid basis to move up a limit if you got enough stacks for the next limit. I would recommened to move up with 25 stacks for the new limit if you play fullring and about 30-35 stacks if you play shorthanded.