[NL20-NL50] AQo nl25 #2

    • siweq86
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      PartyGaming - $0.25 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 6 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 3

      BB: $30.03
      UTG: $26.67
      MP: $25.00
      CO: $42.25
      Hero (BTN): $25.27
      SB: $29.90

      bottom pair multiway passive
      bluffraise turn multiway 3rd pair, checkback river
      dont' cbets bad boards, use scare card on T, didn;t use on R
      middle sdv float T - chb R

      SB posts SB $0.10, BB posts BB $0.25

      Pre Flop: ($0.35) Hero has A:club: Q:spade:

      fold, MP raises to $0.75, fold, Hero calls $0.75, fold, fold

      Flop: ($1.85, 2 players) T:club: 3:spade: Q:heart:
      MP bets $1.00, Hero calls $1.00

      Turn: ($3.85, 2 players) 4:diamond:
      MP checks, Hero bets $2.50, MP raises to $6.00, Hero calls $3.50

      River: ($15.85, 2 players) 4:club:
      MP bets $8.00, fold

      MP wins $15.06

      Preflop i'm calling because his rfi from mp is 21%. Bluff3bet could be profitable but i wanted to play postflop against his weaker Qx, AJ. BB is fishy 22/2 and i think he can call with any Ax.
      Flop std.
      Turn after his check i decide to bet but i don't see too much value. With QJ i think i'd just checkback turn, but with AQ i want to get 2 valuebets from QJ-QK because he can play x/c with Qx, JJ, 88-99 because he don't see value in 2nd barrel. Maybe i should play checkback?
      After his x/r i have big problem, because his sizing from flop & x/r turn looks strange, air or nuts. My reads show me that he can bluffraise but after that he was passive on river. His x/r T 0/3, AFq T 69%, cbet turn 1/3. I decided to call turn & fold R because i think that my bet/call turn looks very strong - Qx or set and he shouldn't bluff on river, propably he even don't vbet Qx.
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