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      Hi all,

      I'm going to use this blog to document my progress playing no limit holdem cash games (9 max), using a big stack strategy (100bb).

      I started this challenge on 09/01/2012 with a starting bankroll of $115, today my bankroll = $140.

      Bankroll Management:

      1 buy-in = 100bb, 25 buy-in's for any given limit.

      e.g. Bankroll required for NL5 = $125, NL10 = $250 etc.

      If I lose 1/2 my bankroll, I move down to next lowest limit.

      Challenge No 1

      Starting at NL5, my first goal is to build my bankroll to $250. I will then move up to NL10.

      Updates will be at every 10K hands.

      Best of luck at the tables :)
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