[NL2-NL10] Q J Bb Nl5

    • cekpirus88
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      I know the raise pre flop does not make such a sense but i wanted them to call in case I hit a good flop (as happened). the question is, how do you lay down trips on the turn? thanks

      Poker Stars $5.00 No Limit Hold'em - 8 players - View hand 1598856
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      mompracen89 (BTN): $9.14
      show7829 (SB): $4.08
      Cekpirus88 (BB): $4.88
      oliva.vito30 (UTG): $7.03
      Tony G 68 (UTG+1): $4.52
      OSCI15 (MP1): $2.89
      sbrufation (MP2): $3.93
      AlyKuba (CO): $6.29

      Pre Flop: ($0.07) Cekpirus88 is BB with J :diamond: Q :diamond:
      2 folds, OSCI15 calls $0.05, 3 folds, show7829 calls $0.03, Cekpirus88 raises to $0.15, OSCI15 calls $0.10, show7829 calls $0.10

      Flop: ($0.45) Q :club: 8 :club: 2 :diamond: (3 players)
      show7829 bets $0.25, Cekpirus88 calls $0.25, OSCI15 calls $0.25

      Turn: ($1.20) Q :spade: (3 players)
      show7829 bets $0.10, Cekpirus88 raises to $0.77, OSCI15 folds, show7829 raises to $3.68, Cekpirus88 calls $2.91

      River: ($8.56) 3 :club: (2 players)

      Final Pot: $8.56
      show7829 shows 8 :heart: Q :heart:
      Cekpirus88 shows J :diamond: Q :diamond:
      show7829 wins $8.09
      (Rake: $0.47)
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    • veriz
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      Hello cekpirus88,

      Preflop: Yeah, exactly. :P If you want to raise then at least make it normal size than this way. Would you also raise AA because you want to hit good flop?

      As played
      Postflop: I'd most likely fold there while it's kind of small pot for us and we haven't invested much into the pot. A lot better Qx possible, made FHs even possible. We need ~34% equity and for example:

      Board: Q:club: 8:club: 2:diamond:  Q:spade:
             Equity     Win     Tie
      UTG    61.69%  52.19%   9.50% { 88, 22, AQs, KQs, Q8s+, AQo, KQo, Q8o+ }
      UTG+1  38.31%  28.81%   9.50% { QdJd }

      Against that kind of range of course we get it but as you see even from here we are getting really small profit in long run and we can't even be sure what kind of hands the guy has while not having any stats nor information on the opponent.

      Best Regards.