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Jungleman coaching

    • santostr
      Joined: 11.08.2009 Posts: 663
      First of all thanks for the oportunity. Jungleman is one of the greatest minds in the game. Even with the technical problems it was worth the time.

      I made the same comment at the Moshman coaching: Why basic??
      Is it marketing?
      The theme was mid-high stakes HU. I saw a lot of people in the chat that I'm sure weren't able to understand what Jman was talking.

      TwiceT made a very good job filtering the questions, that's an improvement from the Moshman coaching.

      The thing is, aparently you can not handle 1k people with your software. A status filter seems to make sense to me...
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    • Waiboy
      Joined: 18.09.2008 Posts: 4,877
      Originally posted by santostr
      Is it marketing?
      That'd be my guess. If it was to be a regular series then I'm pretty sure it would be restricted. Pity to hear there were technical problems 'cause that was one exciting concept.
    • SvenBe
      Joined: 19.04.2006 Posts: 13,493
      He santostr,

      we had 10 Moderators in the coachings. However since it was more about the presentation we did not interfer that much with the chat.
      It might have come more to your attention since we had quit some trouble with the voice for actually longer than the coaching was supposed to last. We tested all equipment together with jungleman in advance, I can just tell you that it worked properly then on multiple occassions. It seems that our coachingplayer did not expect that many jungleman-fans.

      We will ensure that we give you the recorded and edited presentation in a timely manner in our video section.

      Btw: mainly for marketeting reasons, but also because Daniel has such a huge fanbase we decided to go for basic!

      have a good night, we of course appreciate more feedback. (though we can unfortunately not make the connection troubles unhappen now)