How to Read Body Language?

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      Originally posted by albertkasper2012
      Interested in learning how to read body language? Would you like to be able to tell when people are lying and understand people's intentions?
      Nice, is this true?
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      Originally posted by ihufa
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      Thanks, anyways the art of being able to read body language is to be able to look at some one, pick up the signals, and at the same time not let on to that person you are doing this. If you do the person will become uncomfortable.

      One of the tip is by mimicking, when you are talking to someone, if they are mimicking your body position and action it means that they are comfortable in the situation and most likely interested by you and what you are saying.
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      I guess you're looking for this:
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      Reading body language is about learning and practice ..... lots of practice. You have to enjoy watching people, preferably when they are unaware of your observation of them but also when they are aware so that you can yourself become aware of the difference in their behaviour/body language.

      There have been numerous books written on the subject, some specifically related to poker, most less so but many are still interesting and useful reading.
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      Think that's important like read body language isn't send any signs or send lies ;)
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      Sorry for bump, if this Op is for real there are some pretty easy to find books on the subject. Body language is relatively easy to "learn" but 5 years of working with people has shown me that it is relatively shit to be book smart in body language.

      Working sales in menswear told me that when an old guy is wandering around with his hands behind is back, he's probably not going to buy anything unless something transfixes him so greatly that he picks it up with both hands, and if a customer has his arms crossed while you are talking, You are probably not going to make a sale (happens a lot.)

      Reading the books has taught me a very weak foundation of what body language is, going out and forcing people into awkward situations and studying the F*** out of those situations is better.

      Most importantly of all, if you can't intuitively tell when people are lying or not, you've got a lot of work ahead of you to find the power.

      Goodluck, Hope my noisy anecdotal evidence helps with clarity in the situation.