Clearing the bonus playing 5PLO

    • MikeAK47
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      Hi, I'm going to give Omaha a shot.

      Will deposit $250 to give me a bankroll at PLO5.

      How much of the bonus will I be able to work off in the time allowed?

      What would the bonus rakeback percentage be?

      Bonuses should be 40% rakeback+ or they're not worth a carrot.

      Should I deposit $500 instead and play PLO10? Please bear in mind that I'm a beginner with a DC membership and have read and studied Hwang's first book.
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    • Wriggers
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      PLO5 and PLO10 aren't that different from my (limited) experience. Plus the rake on PLO5 is astronomically high even compared to PLO10. If you can afford to deposit $500 then do it and play PLO10, the bonus clears a lot quicker, seems to be $10 bonus cleared per 1k hands on PLO10 or something, and judging by the (estimated) rake of 20bb/100 on PLO10, that means we rake $20 per 1k hands to clear a $10 bonus, so 50%.

      Haven't got HEM open to look up the exact figures atm, so it's an estimate but definitely not far from the truth.

      Oh, and stay the hell away from my tables! :s_evil:

      EDIT: On second thoughts, ignore that post. I believe it is 1k hands of PLO20 to release $10 bonus, which puts it at 25% rakeback.
    • EmanuelC16
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      For cash you get about ~25% Iron and ~30% as Bronze when clearing the bonus. That's what I was getting at PLO20. The higher the level the bigger RB% your FDB is.
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      Thanks for the assist here guys :)