Problem with TAF

    • martinemem
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      Hello i was wondering why it is, i cant see my invited buddy dont recieve any more strategy points.
      He is playing on party, and i know he is playing almost everyday, but i think it looks like it stopped somehow after the new year.

      Can i has something to do with the new DK client on partypoker?

      And is i something an admin could fix, and also, if it is possible to get that points that is lost between now and the day it stopped working probably?
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    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Hey there martinemem,

      There is currently a problem with .dk members at the moment, but its getting resolved!

      There is also a Thread you may find helpful Here

      I've also moved you're thread to the correct Forum :)
    • DanielK6670
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      My friend has over 800 points yet I have only received just over 200 points for him and I know this because I know him personaly and I have been at his house while he is on pokerstrategy and it makes me wonder if my other referrals I dont know have more points than I get credited for.
    • purplefizz
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      hi DanielK6670,

      thanks for flagging a problem. it may just be that the system is taking time to update. however, i would recommend you to send a ticket to support so that they can verify and update everything for you.