Titan - FL import Hand failed

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      I can't import hand history from Titan (0 hand imported on 48 files). I play with Titan in french.
      Here is the header and 1 game on a table ( Perhaps some differences with another langage ) :

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
      - <session sessioncode="655482041">
      - <general>
      <gametype>Hold'em L 0.05/0.10</gametype>
      <startdate>2008-01-07 21:53:52</startdate>
      - <game gamecode="788817834">
      - <general>
      <startdate>2008-01-07 21:53:52</startdate>
      - <players>
      <player seat="1" name="taratuffo" chips="$1.18" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0" />
      <player seat="3" name="lvp50" chips="$2.50" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0" />
      <player seat="4" name="phb82" chips="$2.46" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0" />
      <player seat="5" name="wrightstuff" chips="$1.88" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0" />
      <player seat="6" name="Pignus89" chips="$1.10" dealer="0" win="$0.39" bet="$0.20" />
      <player seat="7" name="stevemuh" chips="$0.81" dealer="1" win="$0" bet="$0.10" />
      <player seat="8" name="cachygrl" chips="$1.06" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0.05" />
      <player seat="9" name="MadManiac" chips="$10.08" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0.05" />
      <player seat="10" name="LoopyRiven" chips="$2.82" dealer="0" win="$0" bet="$0" />
      - <round no="0">
      <action no="3" player="lvp50" type="8" sum="$0" />
      <action no="1" player="cachygrl" type="1" sum="$0.02" />
      <action no="2" player="MadManiac" type="2" sum="$0.05" />
      - <round no="1">
      <cards type="Pocket" player="taratuffo">X X</cards>
      <action no="5" player="taratuffo" type="0" sum="$0" />
      <cards type="Pocket" player="phb82">X X</cards>
      <action no="6" player="phb82" type="0" sum="$0" />
      <cards type="Pocket" player="wrightstuff">X X</cards>
      <action no="7" player="wrightstuff" type="0" sum="$0" />
      <cards type="Pocket" player="Pignus89">X X</cards>
      <action no="8" player="Pignus89" type="3" sum="$0.05" />
      <cards type="Pocket" player="stevemuh">X X</cards>
      <action no="9" player="stevemuh" type="3" sum="$0.05" />
      <cards type="Pocket" player="cachygrl">X X</cards>
      <action no="10" player="cachygrl" type="3" sum="$0.03" />
      <cards type="Pocket" player="MadManiac">X X</cards>
      <action no="11" player="MadManiac" type="4" sum="$0" />
      <cards type="Pocket" player="LoopyRiven">X X</cards>
      <action no="4" player="LoopyRiven" type="0" sum="$0" />
      - <round no="2">
      <cards type="Flop" player="">D7 SJ HJ</cards>
      <action no="14" player="Pignus89" type="5" sum="$0.05" />
      <action no="15" player="stevemuh" type="3" sum="$0.05" />
      <action no="12" player="cachygrl" type="4" sum="$0" />
      <action no="16" player="cachygrl" type="0" sum="$0" />
      <action no="13" player="MadManiac" type="4" sum="$0" />
      <action no="17" player="MadManiac" type="0" sum="$0" />
      - <round no="3">
      <cards type="Turn" player="">C8</cards>
      <action no="18" player="Pignus89" type="5" sum="$0.10" />
      <action no="19" player="stevemuh" type="0" sum="$0" />
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