Hey Poker people, I would like someone bit smarter than me in poker area to comment on my stats. I've started playing again last week, moving from PokerStars to PartyPoker, I've been on pretty good run so far, always compensating my downswings with bigger upswings, but I'm feeling that I can hit 2 downswings at one time very easily and end up tilting.

Playing MOST of the hands at .05/.10 NL with SSS/MSS strategies (first 4k hands were SSS, moved to MSS now because only Welcome tables have 20BB buyins). Usually 4 to 7 tables (leaving/waiting on new ones because MSS strategy tells to do after reaching some profit at one table).

Some hands were played at 25NL and 4NL, so BB/100 ratio went bananas :)

(sorry for low quality, paint is always :coolface: )