multi tabling problem ( everest poker)

    • antanz
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      hi i think everybody is having problem with multitabling in everest poker. i normally play 8-12 table but in everest its hard to play more than 5-6 table.. once i m taking decision in one table other table pops up.. thats ok. but after taking action in the popped up table 1st table dont come.. i have to find though all the tables. the table need action should be in queue and come in line after i take decision. i dont think its a very hard modification of the software. if we cant do multitabling its hard to earn enough sumit points to clear the free money.
      more table= more rake= more points
      good for evrybody

      is there any possible way or 3rd party software to overcome this problem. and can u guys let them know about the problem ? coz i think u guys have inside relation with the poker room so they would listen to u guys and do necessary updates on their software.
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