Hi everybody!

    • Deimon4ever
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      I would lke to introduce you to myself- I'm Deimon4ever- newcomer at the PokerStrategy.com but I play poker for a while- have had good times and bad beats- just like everybody else! I have read some articles and watched for several videos- I really hope that the nknowledge and the comunication with all of you will improve my results....and actually- last night I have finished 2 tournaments - 1st in one and 15th in other....quite nice achievement, huh!?!

      Oh yeah- I'm from Latvia- live quite close to Riga and if some of you would like to come to Riga- just for a visit- would love to show you arround!

      Most of the time I spend at my job- I'm a taxi driver at BalticTaxi.com - soPoker for me at the moment is just for fun- but I realy take it very serious!
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    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Welcome to the Community Deimon4ever,

      Seems like you know your way around the Poker table already! How much was the Buyin for these 2 Tournaments? How much did you win? :rolleyes:

      I'll take a guess you're also playing NL Holdem?

      Nice to see you're enjoying our Articles & Videos too! Hopefully soon you'll get a sexy Bronze Status eh? ;)

      Any questions, feel free to ask away!