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      Hi SoNGcomMiTTee,

      Welcome to the community and to PokerStrategy.com!

      So you've passed the quiz and picked Party Poker then?

      I personally haven't played at Party myself in a very long time so I'm hoping some of our kind members will chip in and let you know the scoop ;)

      What I can tell you is that PokerStrategy offer not ONE but TWO daily freerolls exclusive to our members!

      Not bad eh?

      Tell us a little more about your poker background? What games/limits have you played?

      I wish you every success on your new poker journey and if you need any help, just shout! We're a friendly bunch ;)

      Best regards,
    • angeleskarl0098
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      Wow nice, Congratulations for Passing the quiz. By the way, welcome to the forum!
    • SoNGcomMiTTee
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      Thanks guys

      Well the funds cleared and i decided to hit the felt

      Chose $1 6 max turbos 85c+15c(killer rake)

      Had an 18 game session (3 sets of 6)

      Didn't go well the first 12 (down to $43) kept getting rivered but i know about varience so no biggy

      Final 6 games (roll down to $37) had a sick run and i got my losses back with a 37c profit

      Not exactly crushing at mo but once i get a solid strat i'll try make it to the $2 level asap

      Thank you again

      I'll keep you posted