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Titan reload pressure

    • ragoch
      Joined: 08.02.2008 Posts: 9
      i really think titan is rigged, since my bankroll from my 50 dls went low i started receiving reload mails. and i lost my last 9 AK hands and they could have been 10 but did not got called in one, only one lost was to a JJ that became a set other to a QQ, no help, and all the others to trashy hands that became straights or flush, including the last one that i had AKs and hit a K on the flop, his JAs hit the flush on the river in this period i alos lost like 3 AA, and a KK that left me broke, so im not reloading too bad i cant retract my poker stars account here i will only make points on pokerkings
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    • Roya1flush
      Joined: 10.12.2007 Posts: 306
      ragoch i know how hard it is to go through this phase, reality is that every poker player will go through a period where their big hands gets busted on the river or villains just get lucky...

      it is important to keep your focus and play your A game as in the long run you will make money out of these hands...

      I have gone through this phase recently and today i lost 2 massive hands AAA to River Straight and JJJ to a turn QQQ...

      When you go through this period its best to stay away from the tables and take a break, its a good time to read all the articles again or evaluate your hands in more detail...

      Good Luck at the tables mate...
    • dallievas
      Joined: 30.11.2007 Posts: 822
      How perfectly I understand you buddy,I`ve just lost my one week profit in bad beat series for reasons you both mentioned.But don`t get disappointed,I hope we will catch our upswing finally.I`m playing SSS and got used to bad beats and think all SSS players gets badbeatproof eventually.
      Good luck :)
    • ragoch
      Joined: 08.02.2008 Posts: 9
      thanks both, i am taking a few days off the tables i had to reload cuz im loking forward to that billion hand on titan :)

      good luck to you
    • JimmyPap
      Joined: 02.03.2008 Posts: 65
      I think you guys should try the SNGs in Titan..

      I went from 1$ limit.. to 2$ and now I'm playing on 5$ in just one month...

      I can assure you each higher level up to here is MORE fishier than the other..

      And, concerning your Bad beats (well AK vs JJ or QQ is just a coinflip.. so dont consider them bad beats..) I lost my bubble position on a hand I reraised all in with AA and the 2 callers showed QQ and AQ...
      Needles to say.. turn came Q!!

      Just play on your bankroll limits.. and stick on the strategy you read here..
      It will work wonders for you..
    • anstaendig
      Joined: 05.11.2006 Posts: 3,833
      It's also easy to move up the limits in cashgame. You just have to go through this downswings. You can read in my blog that I'm running pretty bad also atm.