Is Gold Membership worth it

    • philiveyfan
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      My last post got deleted for no reason so my question is I want to learn and watch the videos here.. I got some questions if someone can help.

      Is there videos uploaded all the time., What are the advantages of being gold. I want to learn more about tournies and plo.
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      Got moved as will this one.

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      Hi philiveryfan,

      I moved this to beginners questions where it may get a more appropriate response. :)


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      Hi PIF,

      We don't delete posts so don't worry about it. Ian has kindly linked you to your other post.

      If you click on your profile you can find any of your previous posts so you should be able to find them all.

      Any further questions? Just shout!

      I have moved this thread to Beginners' Questions as General Poker Discussion is not the place for it.

      Best regards,
    • IngridN
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      Hi there,

      Depending on your level of game/limit you're playing the Gold status can further progress you becoming a great poker player. What limits do you play then?

      With Gold status you'll have access to the following study materials:

      -Access to over 390 Gold videos
      -80+ articles with priceless information you can reference
      -Columns, quizzes, and coaching to expand your poker mind
      -Gold+ forum access so you can talk strategy with other serious players

      The Gold status videos focuses on the following:

      -No Limit Hold'em up to NL200
      -Sit and Go tournaments up to $55
      -Fixed Limit Hold'em up to $3/$6
      -Pot Limit Omaha up to PLO $200

      I guess you've seen PokerMarcel's videos already?

      Hope this helps
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      Hey philiveyfan,

      We did not delete any of your threads, we never do. Its most probably because your creating so many you've lost track of where they are.

      You now have 3 Threads on the same subject, these are just the ones i'm aware off:
      This one you're reading
      The Second
      The Third

      There is no need to have so many threads on a single subject, it should be easy to locate your threads if you post them in the correct places each time. Follow Gary's advice and it shouldn't be a problem.