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Moving up the limits along with articles

    • nehmatpoker
      Joined: 10.12.2011 Posts: 29
      Ok, so I'm currently playing NL 5 BSS at Pokerstars and using the Bronze section article's recommended nitty play and am doing pretty well. I started reading some Silver articles which go deeper and open up your range as well. I tried that sort of play at NL 5 and it didn't really work well there. So far at that limit the nitty style is working best for me.

      So my question is till what limits should I continue the ABC poker play taught in the Bronze section and when should I read and start implementing the Silver section and gold section articles. I did notice that most articles in Bronze section show examples being played upto NL25 and the gold articles have NL100 in their examples. Is that any sort of indication as to when one should move up the articles?????

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    • ExternalUseOnly
      Joined: 30.01.2010 Posts: 3,373
      Hey there nehmatpoker :)

      Good to see you are enjoying the articles and that they are working for you. First of all there isn't really a time or a limit when you HAVE to move away from the charts you dont just reach the next limit and then ok widen my range but you will learn this from experience so dont worry too much just yet.

      You need to pay a lot of attention to your opponents and how they are playing if they cbet every flop but fold to a lot of raises you know that a lot of the time they are bluffing so you can start to play back at them a little with weaker hands or even air.

      Other examples include how often do they defend their blinds, or how often do they steal, you can adjust your ranges to play against these people too.

      This applies over every limit so really as soon as you feel comfortable in opening up your range and confident that you are doing it against the right players, then this is the perfect time to do it.

      Try watching this video, its from one of our awesome German coaches and its just recently been dubbed for our english members its all about moving away from the starting hand charts :) enjoy:

      Good luck