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      Hello everyone..

      Just going through the motions to get onto the beginners course, I havent yet even downloaded the software for my chosen site yet but it's happening tonight but I wont play as im abit stressed from being rivered all of the time at my current place that I play.. I wont say but lets make it into a game.. Guess where that could be.
      Anyway been playing there on and off from 2007-08 until now.
      Main game type is SNG micro stakes and the freerolls and poker point tornaments. My results are all over the shop really, My SNG rank is better than my MTT but on sharkscope im showing a big loss with SNG and I am marginally in the red with the "all games" search. So work that one out lol.
      From Wiltshire originally but I now live in North Devon 30 years old, not long come out of prison. Finding it hard to get a job tbh and I feel my motivation for pokering is coming from this. Intially though I was playing before I went inside and played whilst inside. I love the game alot but today after some losses at my lowest possible limit (that being the cheapest game available and lowest for bankroll management) Just feeling really depressed and starting to think that this game isnt for me. I am in a bad frame of mind to start playing with the 50 dollars because I know I will lose the game I invest with to earn my 1 ps point to get my bronze status to get on the beginners course. I want to have the frame of mind that I will win the first game and get my points. So today, for me is just about registering and getting things ready for when I amn right in the head. In the mean time though does anyone have any advice for beyond tilt? lol Anyone?
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      Question 1: What is your motivation for playing poker?

      -I enjoy playing poker
      -I like the fact you can steal/bluff or get people to just give you money without breaking the law
      -I would like the extra income, to help me with other things such as college, yeh some material gain but to generally feel good and fly up the rankings.

      Question 2: What are your weaknesses when playing poker?

      -I play out of position sometimes.
      -I also play off suit high cards out of position when my stack is really low.
      -I chase alot of draws.
      -I concentrate on breaking even when I lose and sometimes get impatient and move up limits to catch up - not a good Bankroll management habit I know but I have put a stop to that. - Very disiplined on that now.
      -I find it hard to fold to a raise when I have a top pair or a straight. I usually reraise and the result is not good.

      Question 3: What does it mean to play tight aggressive?

      -For me "Tight aggressive" means Playing only premium hands and playing them hard, but sometimes once I have invested in to the pot and I am just getting called and my premium hand is turning into a bluff I cant seem to back out and by then its too late. This doesnt happen often but it has happened a couple of times. I like the tight aggressive play because its generally what everyone is playing early on. Its perfect because when I have nothing I will fold but if I have something I want to play aggressive which normally persuades the opponant not to play in other streets where thier hand can improve. Thats not an option I want to happen lol.
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      Welcome to the Course and Best of Luck. Good job! Homework #1 Done!

      Most of the weakness you wrote can easily be fixed by posting hands (analyzing your session). We will start writing feedback to your play. Usually negative feedback will put you into thinking phase and trying to fix all those leaks. It's almost the same as you lose money, you will remember it more than winning part. By this situation it's gonna be that negative feedback you gonna remember and try to avoid them next time.

      Playing out of position isn't something that it's really bad but usually for beginners it's the case that you are often facing a lot difficult spots and more often you not going to play them profitable, that's why you should avoid at first spot to play OOP.

      What about tilt? Do you adjust something against it? For example:
      Easiest way to fight against tilt is to set up stop-loss technique. Which means if you for example have lost more than 3BIs for a session then you just stop the session for some time. The BI amount is set up from your own results. Some may put it higher, some lower. Also after the stop you can spend some time with evaluation part to become better.

      Tight style is usually called playing selected hands. Like following the Starting Hand Chart. Aggressive should be also pretty clear that already the word says how you should be playing. But the problem playing aggressively is that you have to watch that you don't play too aggressive. Find good spots, find good targets. About The tight-aggressive strategy you can read in this article: "What is the Big Stack Strategy?"

      Hopefully you will enjoy the Course.