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What to do?

    • Drakhor
      Joined: 13.01.2008 Posts: 554
      Up until now, I've played a looser SSS on NL10. After 7266 hands, it earned me $39.48 dollars, which gave me a Total Balance of about 82 dollars. According to PT2, that's 4.19 BB/Hr. or 5.43 BB/100. But after a small job, I got some money transfered to my poker account so that I'm now at about 372 dollars.

      Now I'm a bit puzzled though about how to continue. The Strategy articles say that you should switch to NL25 when you have $150, or to NL50 with $400 if you play the SSS.

      On the other hand, there's the BSS and its 20-stacks-rule, which would have me stay on the NL10 limit until I hit $500.

      Currently, I'm more concerned about getting PartyPoints to free up the $100 Bonus than to make money. I know this sounds a bit weird, but hey, 100 bucks is still a lot of money. :P

      So what should I do? Stick with NL10 and play (my looser) SSS until I've actually earned $150 with it? Switch to NL25 until I hit $400 in Total Balance and then move up to NL50? Or should I give the BSS a try and stay on NL10?

      I don't really feel comfortable with the BSS, mainly because my Won $ At SD % is only 49.72% on NL10, and losing 10 dollars with my Pocket Aces because some idiot called me with rag and gets lucky on the River would probably put me on tilt.

      But playing SSS on NL25 or NL50 doesn't feel right either as I haven't really worked for the required limit to get there.

      Like I'm said, I'm primarily concerned about getting my remaining 548.31 Standard PartyPoints in the next 112 days (yes, my Bonus is apparently a bit different, but I don't mind :P ), rather than earning the big bucks on the higher limits. That's something I'll consider once there's no Bonus anymore. By then, I should also have a few more hands under my belt, which isn't a disadvantage either, right?
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    • drachdudek
      Joined: 06.11.2007 Posts: 656

      Please check my blog:
      Drach`s trial blog

      you will find there many useful hints;)

      Where do you play? If you play at FT, then i propose that you work on your game and play SSS and climb up from NL25 to NL100. I propose not to play at NL10 (if you have proper BR) and play mostly on NL25 - NL50 when you are working on your game. Posts hand of course, it will help a lot for improving your game

      I was one month playing SSS on NL100, but because of huge downswing (i was under the "doomswitch :D ), i am back on NL50 with SSS and as i have a proper BR i am currently also working on BSS on NL100 and currently i am doing fine.

      Maybe SSS is playable also on > NL100- As it seems Xylere and others are doing fine also on higher limits with SSS, but i dont really think so, as if you are multitabling everybody knows your image of SSS player, as people are using stats more then on lower limits and also players are better on higher limits.
    • chenny8888
      Joined: 03.10.2007 Posts: 19,324
      play BSS imo... your style is not optimal with SSS, and i think you will find you hit a wall at around NL25-NL50 (depending on which client you're on)

      whereas a loose style in BSS is absolutely OK (up to a certain point) :) .