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I have alot of questions I need answered about general play at micro limits.

    • Easytee
      Joined: 08.01.2012 Posts: 13
      Hey everyone, just started playing poker 2 weeks ago and I have been trying to get into it.

      Anyways here are the questions I have

      1. How should I play huge hands like qq-aa, AKs preflop? Should I bet the 3x the BB standard? Or should I bet something smaller like 2x the big blind to try to get more calls and thus increase value? At micro limits players are looser and are more likely to call even with mediocre holdings, thus should I make a small bet or a large bet?

      2. If you have an absolute monster hand that you are positive is the best hand should you bet very small (1/3rd or less of pot)? As you no longer have to bet for protection and thus want to get the most value out of the hand.

      3. Are blocking bets a valuable play at micro limits because people call alot? Or is it just worthless to employ plays like this at such low stakes?

      4 (most important question). I am often tempted to limp as the SB even with marginal holdings. This is because I only have to pay a SB to see the flop, and if the BB raises I can just fold if my hand is weak. If the player in front of me is a passive player is limping from the SB with a huge range a +EV move or a -EV one?

      5. Everyone says AK is a very strong hand, which I understand, however, does this hold true for all AK? AKs is obviously very strong but how does AKo rank compared to other hands?
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