HM2 prima import fail

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      Having a problem with the above yesterday.

      uninstalled anitvirus etc., then reinstalled HM1 and it worked great, importing an HUD all that fun stuff.

      Had a lot of trouble reinstalling HM2 initially, but it seems fine once done apart from importing hands from Prima site.

      I tried the steps suggested, played a few hands and got the little box top left of table showing 'waiting for hands...' but nothing after that.

      So, I hunted down the hand history folder and added that to auo-import...nothing happened. I then tried manually importing the folder...nothing happens.

      So in the end I have no hand history detection and therefore no HUD.

      Hope there is some help with what is probably very obvious! :)
      Need any more details just ask.

      Thanks a lot in advance,

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