How mentally tired do you feel after your last session of the day?

    • suaveplayer
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      I play HUSNGs, 3 table them, and play two 2 hour sessions a day.

      I really pay attention to everything that is going on against the 3 opponents, and the crazier/more unorthodox they are the more mental energy is necessary to deal with them.

      I am looking for a way to improve my mental stamina beyond just playing and forcing yourself. I mean stuff like vitamins, fish oil, or even brain drugs if they don´t seem too dangerous. But don´t know what exactly to take.

      After the fourth hour I feel pretty drained mentally. The level of exaustion is such that it is hard to be productive at intellectual activities (which at this moment I´m sort of forced to do since I´m not through college yet).

      I mean, I can do the more mechanical intellectual tasks, but stuff that require "creative" intelligence, like things that need a decent level of abstraction or deep logic are very hard to hard after i finish my poker sessions.

      I wish I could just pill the mental fatigue away, but it probably won´t be that simple.

      I also eat a decently balanced diet, so I don´t think I can improve much on this other than start consuming fish oil or something.
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    • matel17
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      Have more breaks and increase your session lengths a few minutes at a time. The brain should be trained like a muscle.
    • matel17
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      What stakes are you playing?
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      Originally posted by matel17
      Have more breaks and increase your session lengths a few minutes at a time. The brain should be trained like a muscle.
      Excellent advice here :s_thumbsup:

      As for drugs, I would never go down this route. Increasing breaks and adding to session length is a much safer idea ;)

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    • Skraggy
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      A good fish oil suppliment is a good start, make sure it's got the right balance of omega 3 and 6.

      What about your monitor? I find that playing on smaller screens and the wrong lighting conditions can fatigue my brain a lot faster than playing with ideal conditions. Personally I have a problem whereby I don't blink enough and that causes extra fatigue.

      And as said above, more breaks are needed ;)
    • CallumN
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      Having a good diet and healthy lifestyle certainly helps.

      Try and eat well and do a hour or so of exercise a day. Getting a good nights sleep helps aswell.

      I think I have been slipping behind, as I used to be able to play 6+ hour sessions without a problem and now after 1-2 hours I start making lazy decisions and lose motivation