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    • donce618
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      Hello i just registered and passed the quiz IM 18 years old , and i would like to know if i only need to take my passport photo? or i need anything else to attach?. And one more question about the adress do i must photograph my flats adress number or something like that?.Sorry if i made any mistakes im not from England im from Lithuania.Please give me an answer.
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    • Ac3sFu11
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      Im unsure regarding the photo, one of the mods will know.

      But regarding the address, you will just have to send a copy of a bill with your address clearly showing on it.Not an actual photo of your address.
    • pswyatt
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      Hey donce618,

      For the ID check you usually need to provide a picture ID such as a driving licence, passport or ID card for example.

      I have also sent you a support ticket which you can view here with a bit more information. This includes the requirements for your address document etc.

      If you have any questions then just let us know :)