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A home game with friends

    • slipkn6t
      Joined: 27.06.2011 Posts: 5,710
      I have never played live poker before. And I'm invited to a home game next week. It will be 6 max nl he with 0-2 sitting out.

      My lifetime poker experience:
      252 hours of online play - nl2 fr SSS 1st 10k hands, FL FR 2nd 10k hands, nl2 FR MSS other 20k.
      I'm playing very tight like 11/10/5 vpip/pfr/3bet (FR stats, not SH), the graph:

      I also included the "rakeback" graph which is "this much I would have won if I didn't have to pay any rake". So yeah, I'm a winning player. And I'm sure I will have some edge in the live game too, but I will have only 6 buyins for the game - that's the stop loss limit. So I want as much bb/100 as possible with minimum variance :pokerface:

      The chart I will be using in the live game with a few modifications:
      The tight one. And I don't think I can play those low suited connectors/1gappers from CO/BU profitably vs loose opponents so I will have to fold them preflop(?).
      Any advice here?

      PS: Since I don't have 25 buyins for nl4 SH on party I will be learning the chart in playmoney tables :facepalm:
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    • purplefizz
      Joined: 12.03.2008 Posts: 4,508
      hey slipkn6t,

      first off, congrats on being a winning player :D what did i tell you at the beginning eh? from play money pro to herro :D highfive!

      but hmmm doesn't look like you played much big stack strategy yet.
      the thing is, for live game SH among friends, i personally don't think any chart is going to help you as much as getting reads on them and analyzing their styles of play. are they good players?

      i think it's gonna need quite some adjustment for you since you can't play SSS/MSS style (aka super nitty), you will get in a lot more post flop situations which you aren't used to, and hands move sooo much slower. obviously it is impossible to play 11/10, in which case it will be so easy to play against you (ie, i would raise you every hand and fold whenever you play). the blinds will eat you up this way.

      my advice is:
      - read the article on opponent types and make a rough read on your opponents as you guys start to play. refine the reads as you get to see more showdown hands from them.
      - change up your style if you think you are getting too predictable (eg start slow and tight, when they give you respect, start opening up wide, etc)
      - read the portion on live tells, you might pick up a thing or two
      - somewhat silly suggestion but you might want to try 1 tabling on PKR for practice, instead of going on the play money tabs. here's the download instructions
      - most importantly, sit back, relax, and have lots of fun! :D it's your first time to play like that after all and i am sure you will learn lots. :)

    • slipkn6t
      Joined: 27.06.2011 Posts: 5,710
      Hi purplefizz! I remember you helping me in my very 1st thread when I was losing in playmoney tables :facepalm: :D
      No, their poker experience is like 3-4 games and that's it with no online poker background. I expect them to play like 50/0 vpip/fpr and ~80 fold to cbet. The host who invited me hasn't even played poker at all.
      But the game will be 4max-6max, so I will have to play very loose compared to my 11/10 online stats - that's the scary part :rage:
      Also I'm afraid that they won't pay me when I hit something big, because I'm always like :D when I see a good flop and they will definitely read my tells :rage:
      And yeah, you are right - after all it's just a game with friends and the fun part is the most important :rolleyes:
    • TonyRice
      Joined: 30.01.2010 Posts: 3,373
      Hey slipkn6t

      Do your friends have much experience with poker?

      Once you get there and play some hands see how they play it will start to come really easy to you, you will soon get a feel for how everyone is playing and be able to adapt.

      Whenever i play my friends they play like 80/0 and about 10-20 fold to cbet :D so its really no good trying to cbet bluff against them cos if they hit any kind of draw or any pair then they're not folding (if they are complete noob fish ofc) if they have mroe experience they probably wont play like that.

      Any way good luck don't worry about it just enjoy yourself
    • purplefizz
      Joined: 12.03.2008 Posts: 4,508
      haha yea i remember your first thread :D everyone was trying to get you off the playmoney tabs :D

      if they fold 20 to cbet, then cbet Ahi
      if they fold 80 to cbet, then cbet 2hi (and give up when they call)

      :D easy game eh?