The 4.08 Challenge

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      Basically i withdrew my money to move it and its currently tied up for while, so in my boredom I found had $4.08 at stars.
      So just for funsies until then I thought I'd turn the 4.08 upto 50 in a week, turn 50 into 200 in 12 days and then turn the 200 into 1000.

      Thats the plan may have to postpone at any point if i get my hands on my cash at any point but if its fun ill carry on regardless.

      I'm tanr4pp,
      starting with $.25 45 man and 90 man SnG's and I starteted yesterday (26/01/12)

      Results thus far:

      Played: 44
      Cashed in: 10 (22.72%)
      Buy In Total: $11
      Profit: 1.46 (13% RoI)

      ROLL: $5.54
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