Greetings from Latvia

    • fakedPS
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      Hello everyone.
      My name is Valters and im from Latvia (its a small country between Baltic sea and Russia)
      Been registered here for a while now, but only now decided to join some discussions.

      Well, what else can I tell you, got my 50$, then without proper training burned almost all of that money down. After that started studying bit harder and now im back where I started. Now its time to earn some money.. :D

      P.S. where can I find the hand evaluation discussions?

      Big ups everyone and sorry for grammar.
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    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Hey fakedPS,

      Welcome to the English community :)

      About time you decided to start posting too! What took you soooo long? :]

      So which gametype are you currently playing?

      Hand Evaluations
      NL Cash - This Forum is for Discussion
      No Limit: Hand Evaluations up to 0.05/0.10 - For actual Hand Evaluations

      If you wish to have higher staked games Evaluated such as NL20-NL50 You will nee become a Silver Member

      Hand Evaluations
      Sit & Go - This Forum is for Discussion
      Sit and Go-Tournaments: Hand Evaluations up to $5- For actual Hand Evaluations

      Once again, if you wish to have higher staked games Evaluated such as Sit & Go's >$5 to $21 You will need to become a Silver Member.

      Anything else? :)
    • fakedPS
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      Well, to be honest I wasnt sure this whole thing with poker will work out, but now, it seems that I'm here for staying. Sooo, why not, will participate in forum life as well.
      (get used to language and terms usage and stuff)

      Well, I just got out of NL (as I said, had lost almost all of those 50$) and today started NL5
      And as playing style i prefer MSS :]
      Thanks for those links, will sure take a look now and next month will try out stuff as a silver member..

      thanks again and see ya'
    • purplefizz
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      oh congrats on the shiny silver! :)

      did you manage to post any hands for evaluation yet?
      why dont you also check out the beginners course? (link in my sig) its a great way to get some really good fundamentals :)