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PLO big hands UTG

    • drinkcrush
      Joined: 24.01.2012 Posts: 10
      I play small stakes

      Currently my basic strategy for early position in 6max plo is opening 3x 9910J +

      My question for you today is, if you have an aggressive pre flop player to your left, would you suggest limp raising if it gets folded back around to us, or is called in multiple spots, but flat calling if it is called in one spot.

      Do you think my utg/utg+1 range is too wide/narrow
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    • JohnJames97
      Joined: 21.07.2008 Posts: 174
      Limp reraise, limp fold, limp 3bet/4b/5bet...

      oop, something like this, donk all flops 1/4 pot, pot all turns pot sized, bluff all rivers 1/3 pot..
      at micros they draw passive usually, get scared on trn, give up on river..

      ch rr allin flop,
      with crap occasionally, so u get action later hands, with same dynamic..

      Raising utg is just silly at micro's.. wait till .50/1+ for that.

      change gears a lot with your range oop.

      I dont raise under the gun in micros, limp fold or limp get it in reraise.

      Seems to me you are thinking too statically about a dynamic game.

      Ranges matter little in omaha, game flow and post flop leaks is the key.

      Anyways,get out of the micros full stop., as rake will crush fine preflop edges that u have in omaha, if u play it from a "range" based outlook..

      Basically you want to confuse your oponents when oop, thus we extract value when we have it.

      Post flop leaks, Post flop leaks,Post flop leaks,Post flop leaks.


      Also i believe in omaha your Won without showdown, should be positive,
      Showdown winnings just above break even.

      Interesting game.

      Changes into a new animal as you move up stakes.

      Good luck
    • Kyyberi
      Joined: 09.07.2010 Posts: 11,158
      I just really didn't understand a lot from James's answer.

      But anyway, I don't like to openlimp ever. If your hand isn't strong enough to raise from UTG, then fold it. If you have an aggressive player to your left, change the table. If you can't/won't, then you should know how to play against aggressive players.

      If you have good enough hand to limp-reraise preflop, why not openraise-4bet him with that too?