• popkerprofnr1
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      sombody ho can tell mi whats going on with the 50 $ free i have pass the quis and want the mony on betfair they say everthing is ok and i wil get it in 48 houers bot the kepp tel mi that and now they say at betfair the bonus is old and i dont get enything??
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    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Hey popkerprofnr1,

      If you have passed the quiz and been told it wll be in your account within 48 hours, then you'll just need to wait a while, its also the Weekend so It may take a little longer.

      I hope that is what you're asking? I'm finding it difficult to understand what your asking ?( Could you re-type it? or if you're not English type your question into Google Translator and re-post here.