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    • rawwar
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      I am very new to this game Poker, but I am very much interested in learning and winning some games.

      I have / want to learn this game from the beginning, kindly help me with some of the references from where I can learn (Books, Website, etc).

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    • purplefizz
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      hi rawwar,

      warm welcome to our forum! if you want to learn about poker, then you've come to the right place. :)

      not only do we provide you with winning strategies and free education material, we also provide you with a starting capital with which to play poker with! sound good to you?

      ok, to get the free $50, start by taking the quiz here.
      QUIZ ME NOW!

      that should lead you to some articles which are beneficial for beginners.
      your status is now basic. as you go higher in status, you will also unlock more strategy articles and videos. see them here:
      Strategy Articles

      you can also join coaching sessions for free if you like. the coaching schedule can be seen by clicking the tab above. OR you can join the beginners school (just click the link in my sig below)

      whew that was quite a lot of info already.
      any questions, just let us know.