Winner at low stakes, now getting crushed by micros ?!? [SNG]

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      Hey guys, i really need some help with understanding wtf is happening with my game.

      Starting out (2008+): iPoker, 10man non-turbos
      Games: 1521
      Win/game: $1.03
      Total Profit:$1,574.04
      Average Stake: $6.87

      Moving to Pokerstars, mostly 6man turbos, some MTT's
      Games: 4770
      Win/game: 0.22$
      Total Profit: 1051$
      Average Buy-in: 12.38$

      Had 4.5% ROI on 13$ 6man turbos over 2000games.

      Moving to FTP: can't recover data, had about 25% ROI on 11$ Rush MTTs and 40% ROI on the 4$ ones over ~500 games sample, and was generally consistent with Pokerstars results on 6 man turbos.

      FTP crashed so i'm trying to rebuild my bankroll and the results are:

      TitanPoker, both 6man and 9 man, some turbos, a few MTT's (damn traffic)
      Games: 1224
      Average profit: -0.11$
      Average ROI: -7%
      Total Profit: -136$
      Average Stake: 1.52$

      Pokerstars, 9man and 6man turbos:
      Games: 565
      Average profit: -0.38$
      Total Profit:-214$
      Average buy-in: 6$

      I don't really understand why i have so bad results. In ICM trainer i get 90%+, i think the average is 92-93%. I play mostly at equilibrium and no longer bubble abuse that much.

      What to do?
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