[NL2-NL10] NL10BSS - Nutflush draw vs reraise

    • tzveti
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      UTG+1 - Hero(9,40$)
      Dealt to Hero: K,A
      MP3+1 posts $0.1,
      UTG calls $0.1, Hero bets 0,6$,9 folds, UTG calls 0,5$
      FLOP [board cards: 7,Q,2 ]
      UTG checks, Hero bets $1,UTG bets $4.5, Hero??

      Is it right to call with just the two overs and the nutflush draw?

      I figured with the Q and A in my hand, there arent much two with which he could already have a flush and limp-call, so put him on a set.
      In addition, I knew that If i called, I would have to to pay another 0,9$, as he was commited anyway.
      I called - a rly wrong one i think - turn came 8,
      he went all in for his remaining 0,9$, I was more than happy to call, he showed J 10
      river 9 - I think it was a punishment for the wrong call on the flop.Or?
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