will i seriously get $50?

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      Hey vinitmucks,

      You will get the $50, providing you have passed the Quiz. You may also need to pass out ID Check if chosen.

      What stage are you currently at?

      I'll also move this over to the Beginners Questions Forum too :]
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      hi vinitmucks,

      what do you mean? if you pass the quiz, (and for some people an ID check), then you will seriously get it :D

      i got mine before :) and more than a million other people have gotten it too :)

      if you have any more questions, dont hesitate to let us know.

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      doh! matt has beaten me to it! :f_eek:
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      vinitmucks, hi. If you mean "Will I get the $50 for free and immediately cash it out lol you seriously giving away money for free you silly pokerstrategy.com?", then the answer is obvious - "no". No one gives $50 for free just like that. You will get $50 for playing poker which you can not cashout before you pay $50 of rake by playing poker. You don't know what $50 rake is - ok, it is like ~300 hours of play on nl2 FR 4-6 tables. I'm currently at 75% of that "paying $50 rake" thing and I've spent 263 hours. Of course you don't have to play nl2 fr like I did, you can start from nl10 mss or some sng and will only spend like 100 hours.
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      Originally posted by vinitmucks
      Hello everyone.....
      I wanted to know that will i seriously get $50???
      Yes! And welcome to our community! Your free $50 is on it's way to your Poker770 account!

      The free $50 starting capital will be released into your account in five separate chunks at $10 each. You'll receive the first $10 immediately. You then have to play at least five $1 tournaments or play a few hundred poker hands within the next 7 days to release the next $10.

      The precise parameters are: you can earn a new $10 payment every 7 days. The next $10 step won't be transferred into your account earlier, should you meet the qualifying criteria before the preceding 7 day period is over.

      In order to qualify for a new $10 payment you have to earn at least $0.50 in rake or tournament fees. Rake is the house's cut which is taken from every pot played at a cash game table. Usually it's around 5% of the money in the middle. With an additional deposit of at least $100 you can bypass this hurdle and receive your full $50 all at once.

      Hope this helps