How do you stop yourself from playing games you shouldnt

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    • sufix645
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      I dont.. And Im down 800$ this month on tournaments. (well my main game isnt cash but still)
      P.S. @ NL10 your BR needs to be around 30 BI and at 10$ MTTs its 1k+ if have lack of skill in MTT game its most likely is just burning money since nice pay day is less than 1% of field. So think again if you want to do so. Its your money and you can do w/e you want :)
    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Its matter of Mental strength :rolleyes:

      I do like to take part in a Higher buyin tourney on occasion, not an outrageous stake, but a little more than usual, just for a little "Treat" you could say :P

      I'll also move this to the "Self study and Management" perhaps others there have some helpful tips!
    • 1z2x3y
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      @ SharkySmurf

      I have been playing poker for just over 3 years now & have never gone outside my BR.

      It is really a matter of self control, however there are 2 things that you can do &
      one depends on the platform you play on.

      The first is, if you really like & enjoy poker then look at the long term I.E. one game is just a very small part of the whole.

      The second is that you can put a restricted deposit on your account's, i know PokerStars offer this. You will have to look at the other platforms.

      For this on PokerStars, go to cashier TAB in the top left hand corner of the Main lobby, that is the only way to find it. If you click cashier in the bottom right hand corner of the Main lobby ( the BIG red button ) you will not see this option.

      I wish you & everyone all the best of skill & luck on the virtual felt.

      sHuFfLe UP & deal.
    • VladimirN
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      If you're playing on PokerStars go Request > Responsible Gaming > Restrict Table Limit (for cash) or Restrict Tournament Buy-In Limit.
    • SharkySmurf
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      Originally posted by VladimirN
      If you're playing on PokerStars go Request > Responsible Gaming > Restrict Table Limit (for cash) or Restrict Tournament Buy-In Limit.
      wow thats pretty much what iv'e been looing for thanKs
    • Kitsune101
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      Originally posted by SharkySmurf
      how do you keep yourself on the strict bankroll management you set out for yourself

      Say your playing NL 10, how do you stop yourself from joining that nice 10$ juicy tourny
      This is more link to your mindset. What do you want from poker?

      Let say you want to beat 10NL, build a bankroll and move up to 20NL. Make that your GOAL, your "poker" PURPOSE. With a strong sense of purpose you would have self-control. With that sense of purpose buying in a $10 tournament is contradicting to what you really want to achieve.

      If what you really want is to play poker for fun and gamble a little here and there, then obviously you will end up with no bankroll management or in this case self control.