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Player types

    • matel17
      Joined: 11.07.2010 Posts: 1,278
      Hey guys,

      How much importance do you give to identifying opponent types? I try to identify as soon as possible what the general playing style is and play accordingly until I adjust to specific reads.

      Do you do this? What player types do you categorize? Weak-tight, loose passive, tight aggressive, loose aggressive? What else?

      Question 2: Are there any standard tells that give away a lot about a player's tendencies? For example, if he folds his first 4 or 5 hands from the button you can already predict that he might be somewhat passive. What else would you get from that? Is he only betting the nuts? Is he also folding too much to 3bets?

      Or for example, if an opponent raises/3bets the first 10 hands, than most probably he's quite aggressive. But, assuming there's no history between you, what else can you deduct from that? What will his standard style be?
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    • phantommm92
      Joined: 14.05.2010 Posts: 1,464
      well i ussualy don't do that big of assumptions, like if he folds first few hands, i don't think he will be passive postflop too, just play some hands and you'll feel it. at least that's my opinion.