HEM 2 Equity Graphs

    • Cagey
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      I always seem to be posting about this.... I found HEM 1 so much easier to use.
      Ok, so I've started playing 10 max SNG's on party poker (affectively super turbos i think). I feel I've been getting unlucky quite a lot, however Holdem manager says my all in EV graph, I should be 150% roi (I'm actually down about 40% roi in 50 games). My question is, are there other means of them calculating roi? (ie may I have set something wrong?)
      I know I cant get an accurate reading until ive played a 1000 or so, but it still seems particularly steep? Is this a known problem?
      Also, my all-in EV always goes straight down, until i restart HEM 2, when it adjusts so the graph looks nicer (perhaps too nice).
      Its just because if my ROI is anywhere near its actual I obviously can't afford it!

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