which U.S. room to register

    • choka85
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      I'm playing holdem on PokerStars (unfortunatelly not through pokerstrategy) and on betfair (through pokerstrategy). In a couple of weeks I'm going in U.S. for a month or so and I wanted to create an account on some of U.S. poker rooms to play couple of tournaments while I'm there, so I wanted to ask u guys what are my options and which option is best for me. I usually play tournaments (prefer 6max) 22 - 55$ mostly and I want that this room is secure, if i make some $$$ that I can withdraw them easily, not to have some problems. I know it's hard to find this kind of tournaments anywhere but stars, but try to help me at least... :) Thanks...
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    • verneer
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      If you are just moving for a month, I wouldn't even bother. I don't know if Merge has any good tournaments and I question the safety of the money (even though I have some on there myself).

      Cashouts have been taking 6-8 weeks as well.
    • Jan217
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      I was recently in america and I was able to log onto cake poker fine (but not i-poker or P*), so Id reccomend that.