if action before me ,one player raised,i hold AQ,FOLD?

    • wangwei520
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      I always feel unsure about :

      Compared AQ and AK,AQ's Strength is only a little weak

      however,overall,on preflop AQ and AK's play is very different

      in starting hands chart,if action before me ,one player raised,AK must

      reraise,but AQ fold!why?
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    • Slurpee
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      it's only a guideline for beginners... someone who doesn't have very good post flop play is better off folding against a raise because they will get in trouble very often and lose a lot of chips when they overplay that hand.

      if you think you have solid post flop play and its against an opponent you have good notes/stats on i wouldn't mind to 3bet or call a raise IP with AQ (pref AQs though duhh).
    • ilovemagic
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      yeah, and whats helped me most is to just play many AQ hands, and then post them in the hand evaluation forums to get a non biased, expert opinion on how you played the hand. its a tricky hand for sure, be careful not to overplay it in a multiway pot, or against tight players who beat AQ most of the time anyways, and give little value when you hit and they dont.