Creating Topics Error

    • ThatGuyMatt
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      This is a wierd one...

      I created a thread in Hand Evaluation up to 0.10
      It was called "NL10 - CO with AA" Its Here ( It did have a hand but I've edited trying to figure this out)
      Everything was fine, Veriz reviewed it, the end.

      I then went to create a new Topic with the same Title, copied in my Hand + a description, pressed "Post New Thread" and it loads up my previous thread i linked to above. Thus not letting my post the Thread with the same title?

      The problem also happens in other forums (Such as Q) Try it out :D

      Hopefully there is some way around it, as in the Hand Evaluation Forums all threads are quite similarly names.

      I could just add Dates on the end like it seems another user is doing, but should the Forum be doing this?
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    • bazerk
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      If the mods are having trouble, what hope have the rest of us got? ?(

      The mayan's might be right
    • EuanM
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      Hey Matt,

      I would imagine if you have exactly the same title for your thread, it automatically replaces the old one with the new content.

      If you make the title identical, it's safe to assume the thread is not different imo, the forum system probably will make the same assumption.

      Is this what you are referring to though?

      I can see that your thread is empty, it would be good to post the original hand again following veriz reply. If you wan't, I can add the hand back into your thread if you post it here?


    • ThatGuyMatt
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      It doesn't replace the content, when I click to post the new thread, it directs me to the previous one as it was. It now says "edit" as I was getting myself very confused :rolleyes:

      I've no idea which hands it was that I had posted in there now, so i'll just have to leave it blank.