Finally getting in the money

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      First of all hello everyone. I have finally made it to in the money. I played poker a lot last year on pokerstars. Never made any money from it so I had a break for a few months before Christmas. In those few months watched many videos and noticed a lot where I was going wrong. I used to play cash games on sky poker and never got my head around how different a tournament is. Now finally went on pokerstars the weekend deposited $20 and now I am up to $267. I played the $2.50 180 man tournament and actually won it. When i went to the final table i was last with 9 players remaining and was patient with my hands doubled up a few times then completely bossed the table stealing the blinds etc. i was over the moon to actually come first in a tournament. Played the same tournament 12 times since the weekend and have come 1st one, 2nd twice and 3rd once. Obviously I busted out a few times also. Then got a bit excited and started joining all sorts of tournaments coz I felt like I could beat anyone lol. Silly me. Then thought I would join $3.50 18 man tables and have been doing really well won a few times and also in the money also. I am in profit on both. Hope my good fortune carries on. Its not massive amounts but think I have finally found 2 tournaments that I am pretty good at. I am just wondering do you know any free software to get my stats so I can see my graph for the week, month etc and also my ROI? Thought I would share this with you guys as I've not posted before ad finally I can post about something good.

      Oh yea forgot to say, couldn't believe what I done yesterday, I used to play heads up a bit for $1.50 the hyper turbo tables. So thought why not give it a go, well this is a lesson learnt for me, always and I mean always double check when you click register for a tourney, I accidentally registered for the $30 heads up hyper turbo!!!!! I couldn't believe it my heart was in my mouth lol. I was tired before I joined but wasn't when I checked the payout. I'm pleased to say I actually won it. Couldn't believe how silly I was
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