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Hello ,

    • quicksandak
      Joined: 20.01.2012 Posts: 5
      A bit about myself, I live in calgary alberta and I play everyday at grey eagle casino , I love live poker and I have been able to survive and put money away playing. I played on fulltilt under the name quicksandaa, I loved te site, I won 2 tournys there 28thousand and 32thousand garantee im pretty sure both where in the same month and then i cashed out and fulltilt closed. Anyways I found this site and im starting from scratch. It seems online I need to fix my game, I play 4 to 6 tables and for 5hours a day. My dream is to win the sunday garantee on stars and ipoker network 200k. I am studying to become the best player i can. I find i am slowing moving up, I may loose one day the win the next im back and fourth a bit but winning more.

      I am seeing some mistakes like I had AQs in SB and I raise because everybody folds and 1 limper in late position. I found it wierd he never raised, andways e reraised me right away before the flop right away and the first thing the went though my mind was he must have a big hand and limped because he was afraid I would fold right away. Anyways I thought to fold it was the right movt after being reraised. Anyways I call and I miss the flop3h 7d 2h, So i have a draw to the nut and if he bets big I fold but he checked and so did I, then another blank 9c so he bets and i should of folded but i call and totally miss then he bets donkbets and I raised because it was so weak then he pushed and I folded.

      Im not too good at explaining my self but After all the reading and studying I do , i should of folded that crappy hand.

      Anyways my goal is win a big tourny online its always my dream and I want to build my bankroll so I can play every sunday and take it down.

      I have a 10thousand dollar bank roll twice, But i just cashed it out and Now if I wish I would of ept it online and kept building.

      The reason i withdraw the money is very simple, I did not trust online gaming after all the problams and I had 10k and sat down at 5-10nl with 3grand.

      anyways I get AA and raise to 40 dollars im first to act and I get a reraise and another reraise so I end up calling 2 people in the pot and it cost 300 dollars to see the flop, so flop comes Ad 8h Js , The other players have pkt 88's and pkt JJ's, So we all hit trips and theres no big draws, im not sure what they have so I check and then buy with trip 8's bets 900, guy with trip jacks pushes all in and then its my tur so right now looking at the flop and the money in the pot witch is like 4grand now, anyways I have the nut so far and looking at the flop I have to call so i push and then the 88's pucsh's as well anyways, 2d on the turn and the jc on the river 10k pot was my third hand and like i said i had a 10k bankroll i made from 100 dollars in 4months.

      So im totally devistated and withdraw 6grand and quit online poker. I lost my job and started to play at the casino , I lost alot of money all my savings the first year, I read alot of books and played 8 hours every day and I was winning alot but I would play casino games and loose my poker money and it was a bad cycle. Once I quit gambling on casino games and started to bank my money. Things started to change and now Im going to try and build my way to winning online. I won 10kon fulltilt from 2 tournys in a month then cashed out and spent all the money, Now i found this site and I am starting over online . its great going back to the basics, I wanna see if i really can become good, I am a private pilot and I work ondrilling rigs in alberta but im of work for medical stuff and I have made my mind to go hard online but do it right.

      so thats me, theres alot more, I should say i loved to gamble, All my profits from poker was going to sports and it was stupid. I will not gamble on house games ever again it has been a year and I am stiking to poker I hope to see how far i can go or bust..

      My names joe,,

      Nice to meet ya people, Sorry about all the blabing, and spelling and stuff heh I just type whats on my mind...

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    • purplefizz
      Joined: 12.03.2008 Posts: 4,508
      hi joe,

      nice to meet you! wow what a wall of text you made! its cool reading all about it though.

      ugh casino games are absolute worst at draining your money. i would avoid it at all costs, esp if you cannot stop until you gamble all your savings away.

      how is your new poker journey going so far? studying and working hard will pay off :)

      anyway, a very warm welcome to the forums. hope to hear a success story from you someday. why dont you start a blog? you seem quite determined and persistent which is pretty much half the battle.

    • angeleskarl0098
      Joined: 14.01.2012 Posts: 116
      Hi quicksandak,

      Welcome to PS Forum, I was trying to get the point of your first post here But I really don't understand your story. anyway, just continue your goal and not all poker rooms are not trust worthy.

      Good Luck quicksandak! ;)
    • pswyatt
      Joined: 05.04.2011 Posts: 515
      Welcome quicksandak, great intro :)

      Good luck at the tables!
    • SharkySmurf
      Joined: 31.07.2008 Posts: 114
      Hello and goodluck :)