• Sjizo
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      Hello, my name is Oscar
      i have played like a lot of games, it's like i start to play again and then after like week or month, depends.. i quit playing, i always have wanted to p ear a lot of money in poker and do this for living, so i am wondering, how to keep myself inspired..
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    • purplefizz
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      hi oscar,

      a warm welcome to our community! :)
      hmm motivation is something many players struggle with including myself. unfortunately i cannot give you the solution for this and you need to find it in yourself. success in poker requires a lot of hard work and dedication. if you cannot sustain more than a week/month of poker, maybe you should rethink if its the right path for you. why dont you take some time to think about your goals, make a schedule and see how it fits in your life. :)

    • angeleskarl0098
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      Hi there Oscar,

      welcome to the PS forum, purplefizz is right, you need to find it by yourself and most of all, help yourself :)