0.25/0.50 FL 5CD stats - pls have a look

    • jenoc
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      Played my first 10k hands on 0.25/0.50 5CD FL. Wish the winrate could be higher. Could you spot anything here?

      One thing which seems strange to me is - winrate on all non blind positions is almost identical and on BTN I make less money than on CO. VPIP/PDR show some positional awareness though. Variance or leaks?

      Would someone mind posting their blind position winrates? What is standard for 5CD? Also W$WSD for blind positions.
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    • Huricano
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      In Big shortcut:

      You're playing too tight when first to act(or vs limper/s), but too aggro vs open raise.

      3bet is definetly too high at this stakes.
      Note that many people are playing like 30/10, 40/8, 27/7 so you might 3bet worse than someone is open raising :)
      5.5-7 is max.

      Att to Steal should be high 30, but rather not 40+ unless blinds are weak.

      From blinds -4 and -12 can be done easilly.
      Just find weak and exploitable BB and steal 100% :s_evil: