general strategy on paired boards

    • matel17
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      hey guys, how do you play a paired flop? Say you raise the button, get called, and the board comes J44. You miss. And you suspect that your opponent missed as well.

      What do you do here? I find that I get into a psychological battle of 'I know you don't have a hand but I know you know that and you know that I know this....'

      I'll post some hands later but I just wanted to ask what the general strategy thought process should be here, or if there should be one at all.
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    • phantommm92
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      well saying you missed actually isn't completely correct, if you have A5 you probably have the best hand, so you didn't miss.
      And it really depends on the opponents, some just fold a lot of paired boards, others try to play back as much as they can on those boards. during the first hands i always cbet and play it from there
    • Wurble
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      I agree with Phantom... Also, I assume you play micros? Best not to level yourself with I know he knows I know stuff lol villains just aren't playing on that level and if they are they'll level themselves into mistakes when you play abc anyway.

      When you're in position as pre flop aggressor you should practically always c-bet paired flops like this because they miss villains range as much as yours and as you have initiative you'll take the pot often enough to make it profitable long term. I find that out of position check raising flops like this against villains who c-bet a lot works well too ;)
    • Daenerys
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      If you are playing vs passive players or nitty regs i would cont bet and c/r, depending on your position, a lot more often as a rule. Grinders and most regs all the way up to nl 50 dont really want to get involved in those kind of hands.

      When you play fishy or aggro players obviously just stick to ABC in my opinion. Yes you can be exploited but its unlikely as they would bet themselves into a wall eventually.