Thanks a lot PS

    • daeh01005
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      Hi :D

      I've been playing at the fulltilt poker for 3month.

      I used to be a BSS player but I've been always lossing player.

      By chance I knew PS and SSS.
      SSS works for me.

      Now I'm happy and thanks PS.

      But I made fulltilt ID without PS bonus code.
      Is there a way to get PS point?
      I want to level up and see silver, gold and platinum article.

      If there is way please let me know.
      And If there is not way?,,,,,,,,,,,

      Anyway, Thanks a lot. lol
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    • SoyCD
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      Hi daeh01005,

      At the moment there is no way of re-tracking existing Full-Tilt accounts to us. So that is sadly not possible. In order to earn strategy points you would have to play on a platform on which you are tracked over us :o

      Best regards,