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Maniac owning me :d

    • vasilsimeonov90
      Joined: 04.12.2011 Posts: 3
      Hi guys,

      Im sitting here tonight playing some poker having fun and all
      I spot a maniac on the table stats- 96/56/5.6 (VP$IP, PFR, AF)
      So im like ok thats not so bad i'll pick my spots and nuke him. I had been watching him for a while now getting a good understanding of how he plays. I played 2 big hands against him for the session, here are they:

      I could not find hand n1 in my history so i will just tell the story hopefully i wont bore you to death.

      Maniac ( latoub) raises as usually, i wake up with AdQs and i call.
      The flop comes Qh 2d 8dd
      Im thinking hey - perfect flop. He bets, I raise he re-raises me ( nothing unusual for him to do) and i call. The turn comes the Qd giving me trip Queens with an Ace kicker and the nut flush draw. Maniac checks, and i check behind for 3 reasons. First i would not mind seeing another diamond at all. 2nd A check from him is very unusual since he bets all kinds of crap and a flush is actuallya possible hand for him to have And 3 - I want to give him some rope to hang himself on the river. River comes a 4th diamond i dont remember the card, I am thinking that he is putting me on Trip queens and that river card could be a great card for him to bluff. And he does- he bets around 70 BBs and I'm left with around 60BBs to go so I shove. Maniac shows Q2. I say "well played,rebuy and move on" the next hand is bellow and i am going to comment underneath it.
      ***** Hand History For Game 11386452503 *****
      0.05/0.10 Texas Hold'em Game Table (NL) - Sat Feb 4 02:46:40 CET 2012
      Table Table 183350 (Real Money) -- Seat 3 is the button
      Total number of players : 6/6
      Seat 1: popithek (€10)
      Seat 2: latoub (€47.01)
      Seat 3: SEVENCED (€9.66)
      Seat 4: HERO (€24.51)
      Seat 5: TheoTop (€6.81)
      Seat 6: Deathonriver (€10)
      Hero posts small blind (0.05)
      TheoTop posts big blind (0.1)
      ** Dealing down cards **
      Dealt to Hero [ Qc, Qd ]
      Deathonriver folds
      popithek folds
      latoub raises 0.2 to 0.2
      SEVENCED folds
      Hero calls (0.15)
      TheoTop calls (0.1)
      ** Dealing Flop ** : [ Jd, 3s, Qh ]
      Hero checks
      TheoTop checks
      latoub bets (0.1)
      Hero raises 0.43 to 0.43
      TheoTop folds
      latoub calls (0.33)
      ** Dealing Turn ** : [ Kd ]
      Hero checks
      latoub bets (0.9)
      Hero raises 2.1 to 2.1
      latoub raises 4.8 to 5.7
      Hero calls (3.6)
      ** Dealing River ** : [ 4d ]
      Hero checks
      latoub bets (4.9)
      Hero calls (4.9)
      ** Summary **
      Main Pot: €21.15 Rake: €1.51
      Board: [ Jd 3s Qh Kd 4d ]
      popithek balance €10, didn't bet (folded)
      latoub balance €56.93, bet €11.23, collected €21.15, net +€9.92 [ Ah Ts ] [ a straight, ten to ace -- Ah,Kd,Qh,Jd,Ts ]

      OK so i just call with the queens as i do not want to give the strenght of my hand away and possible double up as we were both quite deep.
      The flop comes perfect, almost too good.
      So at this point i'm thinking how do i get money off him, i know he hates to fold so I raise his funky little bet on the flop and he calls. I did not really like to turn but his range was all over the place absolutely anything from AA to 72 was possible. On the turn i decide to check and make him think i was sick of his bluffs and i tried to play back at him on the flop and that i have now given up on the turn. so i check and he bets, When he actually re-raised me on the turn i wasnt really sure what he had i did not think i was beat so i made the call and expected to see him move all in on the river.
      the river comes a blank I check really wanting him to move all in but he doesnt he made a play that scared me to death. He bet less than half the pot. A maniac overbetting the river ALL NIGHT LONG with strong hands and crap hands is betting less than half the pot after 2 check raises on the flop and the turn? IF he had a marginal hand like 1 pair- even 2 pair type of hand why wouldnt he just take the free showdown and check behind?! On the other hand after 2 check raises if he's bluffing would he really EVER think that i am going to fold to such a small bet. At that point i knew it, i was sure i was beat and i only needed to see it, so i made the call. Yep - AT. What can i say i mean i've written another topic on the forum about a downswing but i have recovored from it . I even yelled at my girlfriend a couple of times after bad beats and last week i just remembered- " hey i started to play poker because it was a fun hobby not to get all crazy and flip out and mess up my relationship" So yeah, i wasnt angry at all i did not blame the cards, God or Obama or anybody. I just said "well played" one more time.
      So my advise to everyone is just remember why you started playing poker and really try to get rid of the negative emotions. I mean before that session on the same day i had Set over Set, a Flush cracked by a full house on the river, and a top two pair beaten by a gutshot on the river ( calling 2 [pot sized bets) I still came ahead at the end of the day. Poker is a great game and it should give us positive emotions and funny bad beat stories rather than unhappiness. Well there it is , i hope you havent fallen asleep while reading this,apologies if you have. Best of luck from me, and see you at the tables :)
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