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    • dustyoshea
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      I'm playing at partypoker and this is an active bonus I have: (img post wont work for no reason -.-)

      I haven't activated it myself and have no idea how it work. It just says Im at 12,34% (12/100 points) but I have no idea what it does. Help the noob out :P
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    • doctorkgb
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      If you collect at least 87,6 PP until 13 of june, you will recieve 38,42e at your account.
    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Hey dustyoshea,

      E38.42 works out to roughly $50, did you apply for your $50 Starting Capital at Party around that time?

      Apart from that, it looks like a Deposit bonus of some kind. Earn 100PP's and unlock E38.42.

      I'll get someone to come have a little look :)

      Whilst you're waiting, you could also email PartyPoker's support for a full explanation.
    • dustyoshea
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      Yeah, that's what I thought it means but I have no idea where it came from. Do they just throw some random bonuses from time to time?

      edit: Yes, I applied for 50$ starting capital around that time. Does that mean I have to get to 100 PP until June if I want to withdraw that capital?

      Ok, I got answer in some other thread by answered by IngridN

      Hi Takiozi, You have 150 days to collect 100 Party Points in order to keep the free $50 starting capital. If you fail to collect 100 Party Points in 150 days the free $50 starting capital will be withdrawn from your poker account. Of course you're able to keep the winnings. I think, but I'm not 100% sure you're deadline is 10th of February. Please check this with Party's customer support. Hope this is helpful. Ingrid
    • purplefizz
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      hi dustyoshea,

      hmm so if i understand correctly, you just received your starting capital at Party Poker? if so, then yes you will have to clear it prior to withdrawal. :)

      so does that clarify things? if you have more questions, dont hesitate to ask.